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Mindfulness Skills Vol 2 CD

Mindfulness Skills Vol 2 CD
Dr Russ Harris
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Mindfulness Skills Vol. 2 - Audio CD

Dr Russ Harris 


Mindfulness is a transformative mental state of awareness, openness, and focus.

This CD has been designed to add to, and develop further, the mindfulness skills learned in Volume 1.

The regular practice of mindfulness will reduce stress, enhance self-awareness, increase life satisfaction, and improve your ability to handle painful thoughts and feelings effectively.

There are 5 tracks on the CD, plus an 8-page booklet about mindfulness.

What's On The Volume 2 Cd?

Track 1: Introduction  - a 2 minute recap of mindfulness skills, and the purpose of developing them.

Track 2: Mindfulness of the body - 33 minutes. This is a challenging exercise, in which you slowly, deliberately, mindfully scan your body from head to toe, over a period of 33 minutes. A bell rings halfway through, so you can do a shorter version. This is excellent for people with chronic pain, chronic illness, insomnia, stress, anxiety etc.

Track 3: Mindfulness of sounds. This is a 12 minute exercise involving mindfulness of sounds in your environment; an excellent practice for grounding and centering yourself.

Track 4: Labelling thoughts and feelings. This is a 13 minute exercise where every thought and feeling that 'shows up' is observed with curiosity, simply labelled, and allowed to come and go of its own accord. The technique of labelling can be used to accentuate any other mindfulness skill.

Track 5: Open Awareness. This 13 minute exercise is arguably the hardest mindfulness skill to master. However, it pays huge dividends with ongoing practice.


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