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Brumby: A Celebration of Australia's Wild Horses

Brumby: A Celebration of Australia’s Wild Horses


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Immortalised in films such as The Man from Snowy River and books like the Silver Brumby series, Brumbies epitomise the spirit of freedom and courage. Today, however, they face an uncertain future. Considered by some to be feral pests and increasingly marginalised in lands that have been their home for over a century, Brumbies need our support more than ever before if they are to be protected for the enjoyment of future generations.

Bringing together breathtaking photographs of Brumbies in the wild as well as often thought-provoking and entertaining stories from people privileged enough to have encountered or worked with them personally, Brumby celebrates the beauty, strength and indomitable spirit of these amazing animals.

SPECIFICATIONS: eBook | 230 x 203 mm | Photography Throughout | 192 Pages |


Kathryn Massey is a metallurgist and industrial chemist by profession but a Brumby advocate in heart and soul! The founder and president of the Hunter Valley Brumby Association (, Kathryn devotes herself to rescuing, training and adopting out Brumbies to ‘forever’ homes. As well as caring for the Brumbies at the HVBA sanctuary, Kathryn is the owner of Brumbies Diesal and Bella; her domestic horses, Siesta and Rebel; her German Shepherd, Ranger; and Thomas the cat.

Mae Lee Sun has worked as a freelance journalist/photographer, editor and animal welfare advocate for over fifteen years. Her articles and essays have appeared in numerous newspapers and literary journals and range in topic from women’s issues to green technology. She holds MAs in both Sociology and Buddhist Studies, and while born in the United States, now resides in Victoria with her partner Bruce, her Brumby Trooper; four domestic horses, Charlie, Tex, Max and Shadow; two dogs, Milo and Zach; and two cats, Raskull and Sabbath.



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