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Colour Blocked

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The colour is blocked! Readers must rub, turn and tap the pages to straighten out pipes, unplug corks and keep the colour flowing. But watch out — the colour might run faster than you can keep up! Along the way, readers will learn primary colours, how mixing colours can make secondary colours, and why you should never, ever, put a turtle in charge.

SPECIFICATIONS: Hardback | 229 x 229 mm | Colour | 40 Pages |

As a child, Ashley Sorenson struggled with mathematic concepts. Through continual education, that struggle allowed her to fully understand how important a solid academic foundation is. She has since received two degrees from Utah Valley University in Business and Behavioral Science, and like devoted teachers and parents worldwide, she aspires to create a positive learning environment for children, no matter how grand or subtle that impact may be.

David Miles makes books for a living. He also reads books, writes books, sells books, shelves books, thinks about books, drives to books, sleeps to books, cooks from books, but he doesn’t eat books (which is fortunate). He graduated from Brigham Young University with a BS in Business Management. David currently lives in California where he enjoys trips to Yosemite, the central coast, and his favourite shawarma restaurant. Book is his second children’s book.


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