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Fifty Ships that Changed the Course of History


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From the Stone Age to the present day, no technology has had a more lasting impact on mankind than watercraft. Boats and ships made possible the settlement and conquest of new worlds. They determined the victors of history-changing wars and aided the spread of new philosophies, technologies, and religions. Even today, virtually everything we purchase and consume—from petroleum and consumer electronics to the clothes we wear and much of the food we eat—depends upon seaborne trade.

Fifty Ships that Changed the Course of History is more than just a delight for lovers of the sea—it’s a virtual history of the world told through the boats and ships that effected how and where people lived, with whom they traded, the ideas they exchanged, and how they won and lost the battles that set the course of later generations and millennia. Fifty Ships that Changed the Course of History contains not only maritime marvels from ages past, but also some of the most iconic Australian and New Zealand watercraft. Included are the likes of Captain Cook’s historic HMS Endeavour and Greenpeace’s once flagship Rainbow Warrior. Beautifully illustrated with historic artwork and modern photography, it’s also a look into how men and women went to sea or down the river in every age and place.

SPECIFICATIONS: Hardback | 227 x 170 mm | Colour | 224 Pages | 

Ian Graham is a British author of popular science, technology, and history books. After taking a degree in applied physics and a postgraduate diploma in journalism at City University, London, he worked as a writer and editor in magazines before making the switch to books. He has worked as a freelance writer for more than 30 years. In that time, he has written and co-written more than 200 books on a wide range of topics including space exploration, aviation, transport, energy, communications, inventions, and military technology. He has also written crime fiction and graphic novels re-telling classic tales. In 2012 he was the joint winner of the Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize and in 2014 he was shortlisted for the Educational Writers’ Award.

North & South Magazine, November 2016
“Ridiculously absorbing – even for those who wouldn’t know a clipper from a carrack … A fascinating potted history of the world of ships.”

New Zealand Memories, September 2016
“Fascinating reading and beautifully illustrated with historic artwork and modern photography.”
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Beattie’s Book Blog, August 2014
“Girt by sea in our island home, this book will have a special resonance for New Zealanders keenly aware of the important role shipping played in our history and continues to play in our future.” 

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North and South, December 2016

Great to see Fifty Ships front and centre for North and South’s best books this Christmas!
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Radio Live NZ, November 2016
As apart of his Shipwreck Tales segment, John McCrystal had been delving into Fifty Ships that Changed the Course of History with author Ian Graham. You can listen to every segment below!
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Part 2: Here
Part 3: Here
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Part 7: Here
Part 8: Here

Boating New Zealand, November 2016
Fifty Ships as featured in Boating New Zealand


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