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Tottie and Dot

Tottie and Dot


Tottie and Dot are two little girls who live side by side. Life is very peaceful until one day the girls begin competing with each other to create the best house. As the story unfolds, jealousy takes hold and their competitive spirit gets increasingly out of control until ultimately, things collapse in a disastrous heap. Will Tottie and Dot realise the importance of their friendship before it’s too late? Each girl’s house is shown over a series of exquisitely illustrated double-page spreads — Tottie on the left and Dot on the right. The detailed illustrations perfectly complement the simple story line and will provide children aged 4–7 with hours of entertainment, as well as a valuable life lesson!

SPECIFICATIONS: Hardback PLC | 245 x 255 mm | 32 Pages | Full Colour |


Tania McCartney is an award-winning author, editor, illustrator and founder of highly regarded children’s literature website Kids’ Book Review and the 52-Week Illustration Challenge. Her previous titles with Tina Snerling are Peas in a Pod, Tottie and Dot,and the best selling An Aussie Year.

Tina Snerling is an illustrator, graphic designer, creator and Mother. She is privileged to spend the most part of her days daydreaming out her sundrenched window, while creating worlds that allow her to travel anywhere without leaving her studio.

Swings and Roundabouts, March 2015
“This is a fun story with exquisite illustrations that complement the storyline about keeping up with the Joneses, the importance of friendship and being true to oneself. A great story to read in large or small groups, but with so much detail in the illustrations small or one-on-one readings will be more beneficial and pleasurable.”

Space Station Kiwi, October 2014
Space Station Kiwi narrates Tottie and Dot Listen here


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